(6×6) Emptiness Can Hold Things





2006-2017. Multi-channel video/sound/scape. 83 minutes.

Places—like stories, but different—are structures of communication and collective memory. A place is an organization, and memory is often an articulation of space. Something about space escapes our attempts to look at it from above.

Recorded in Kyoto at intervals and thresholds of an urban landscape, (6×6) Emptiness Can Hold Things improvises on techniques of polylinear perspective long practiced in Japanese painting and landscape design. Merging architectural space with cinematic construction, the objective is to invent and experiment with a cinematic language of place, captured in multiple perspectives and arranged with reference to a mobile viewpoint that is propelled by feet.

Download text » (6×6) Emptiness Can Hold Things: A Media Architecture Exploration in Multi-Stream Video Sound, 2012