6×6 Emptiness Can Hold Things

2006-present. Multi-channel video/sound/scape. 84 minutes. The 13 minute video sequence “Look Before You Leap” displayed here was recorded at Kiyomizu-dera.

Relinquishing narrative purposes and deviating from the synoptic, causal, chronological logic of plot-based linear montage, polylinear video affords a structure that is more akin to architecture than storytelling for capturing and articulating a kind of experience that belongs to many different dimensions. Recorded in Kyoto at intervals and thresholds of an urban landscape, “6×6” improvises on techniques of polylinear perspective that have been employed in Japanese painting and landscape design, in order to explore formal and experiential principles inherent in our definitions of place. Merging architectural space with cinematic construction, the objective is to invent and experiment with a cinematic language of place, captured in multiple perspectives and arranged with reference to a mobile viewpoint that is propelled by feet.

Download text ยป 6×6 Emptiness Can Hold Things: A Media Architecture Exploration in Multi-Stream Video Sound, 2012

Walk-in Theater, 2012.

With the goal of realizing this work in the physical dimensions of an installation, Strickland and sound designer Jim McKee collaborated with interaction designer Eric Gould Bear to devise a miniature experience that lets people preview the spatially distributed video environment in a 3D simulation with localized audio. The result is Walk-in Theater for iPad, available for free download from the App Store.